What we do and how we make sure you're protected.

Absolute commitment to excellence in everything we do.

We hold the trust you give us to work on your roof and home in the highest regard and esteem. That’s why every service we deliver is directed by a Red Seal certified project manager that is dedicated to the success of your project. We make sure we account for every detail and deliver exceptional quality work. We’re fully insured, adhere to provincial safety regulations and follow industry best practices and standards.

Roof Replacement

Sometimes getting a repair done or waiting until next year won’t suffice. Having your entire roofing system replaced ensures that your home is protected for years to come and gives you an opportunity to enhance the appearance of your home. In addition, by replacing your entire roof at once, none of the work you pay for is tied in to deteriorated materials or sub-par craftsmanship.

Roof Repairs

Whether it’s a leak caused by poor craftsmanship, blown off shingles due to higher than normal winds  or damaged material, there’s no issue that we can’t fix. If your roof is still in suitable condition and doesn’t need to be completely replaced we will provide you with the best solution to meet your needs.

Roof Inspection

If you just purchased your home or are unsure of the current state of your roof, we provide detailed inspections to let you know how much life your roof has left. We also inform you of any potential problem areas and recommend potential solutions.

Emergency Response

You wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of water dripping from your ceiling – some problems just can’t wait. We have professionals ready around the clock to respond and handle any unexpected issues.

Our Warranty: Have comfort knowing you’re protected.

Your roof defends your home from the elements, and when you replace it you’re making an investment in your home. As roofing experts, we know and have seen the unfortunate results of poor roof installations. At 1-800-NEW-ROOF we stand by our work and make sure your investment and your home are protected. We do this by combining the written warranty on our work with the shingle manufacturer’s warranty. If there’s ever an issue with your roof we’ll respond and have a solution to fix it ready within 24 hours.

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